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How do I navigate GTFORadio

Get the Fuck On Radio is a Radio like broadcast that streams to its listeners via the internet. GTFORadio provides information, education and entertainment for those that are curious, exploring and or living a Modern Alternative Lifestyle. is a Modern Alternative Lifestyle Radio that supports those that accept Multicultural, Heterosexual or LGBTQ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer that accept or are those that Love More than One.

GTFO is a combined effort of those that live an Alternative Lifestyle 24/7 as a single, a couple, a throuple or more. Creating loving relationships and families. Our Talk Shows provide Information. Education and Entertainment that you the entire community can learn and enjoy.
Get The Fuck On Radio
Adult Talk for the Open Minded
Talk & tunes 24/7
Modern Adult Alternative Lifestyle Radio
Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, Swingers, Open Relationships.

GTFORadio The Web Site is interactive 24/7, offering the user different ways to listen, watch and participate in the broadcasts of

The following will explain how you to can make the most use of

Three Streams 24/7 (No you do not listen to them all at the same time)

  • Talk & Tunes 24/7 This is our Signature Stream, One hour of a previously recorded talk show. Re-Played 24/7, thru the week. Each day Monday to Friday Two Talk shows play a various times thru the day,. the alternate hour streams music.
  • Tunes 24/7 Music Modern, Top Hits, Club Dance, Jazz and more.
  • Re-Plays 24/7 Talk Shows Hosted by People that live the Modern Alternative Lifestyle 24/7. Listen to the stream or make a request, many to choose from.

GTFO Streams all three channels 24/7.
Activate the main-stream by clicking on the triangle. There are different options available to the user, to suit your listening style, see the image(Yellow Titles):


To access the Three Stream selection, on the far right is a menu, when clicked will provide access to all three streams, or between the album cover and the show clapper forward and back triangle buttons will switch you from one stream to another.

The show clapper will take you a Radio Player page that you can use on a TV screen.




When a Show is LIVE, GTFORadio broadcasts the Audio, at the same time,  the Show is Video Live Streamed. It is your choice which you wish to tune into, or you can listen to Tunes or Re-Plays. You cannot listen to more than one stream at a time on the same device.
You as the user can Call into the Show 403 355 2732 or 888 889 8433 OR you can CHAT
Your Choice We are available for you, we want you to be a part of the SHOW.

The VIDEO viewing television, can be expanded to fill your TV Screen or it can be reduced to being a picture in picture on your smart phone while you look for articles to read.


Do you like to request your own Music? See what is being played NEXT? Display what is paying on your Television? The Web site provides options for you to enjoy the Music and Shows

Tunes Requests: Go to the main menu and select “Tunes” You can play the tunes from the page, you can see other listeners making requests and dedicating those requested Tunes.  
“I want to request my own Music”
Select Request & Dedicate Tunes, Select your Tune, Request and if you wish Dedicate the Tune. In approximately 10-15 mins your Tune will play to the world.

TELEVISION VIEW What is Playing NOW, History of what has played, Track info and Requests. You can set this up on your TV screen. For added presentation, go into your Browser Settings and select FULL SIZE which will then fill your screen.

SMART PHONE: All the features work on a SMART PHONE. You can Listen, Watch, Message, Request, Dedicate and MORE.

Radio Player Lifestyle News & More 


Watch and Listen

What is PLAYING 
What has Played 

Request & Dedicate               Select & PLAY



Lifestyle News highlights, news that starts at home, GTFORadio picks subjects that provide guidance in living the Modern Alternative Lifestyle in a Vanilla Society.

GTFORadio is a on-line radio for the community, the community will make it what it wants to hear see and read.
The TEAM welcomes all input, please do e-mail or call  us with questions suggestions and more.

                                                               [email protected]  or CALL

                                                                403 385 2732 or 888 889 8483

EXPLORE & Experiment with it is the only way that you will learn all of the features that has to offer. Go to / Groups / GTFORadio and share your findings.

Radio for the Modern Alternative Lifestyle Adult. Open Talk for the Open Minded, Talk & tunes 24/7




GTFOOnLife  (Get The Fuck On On Life) We have our own Social Web Site
Register and join the community.





                 The Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency manages all of the LIVE SHOWS.
                                                   Would you like to be a RADIO STAR?
                        Contact [email protected] or Call 403 385 2732 or 1 888 889 8483

Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency

Licensed to Play